Navigating Ethical Complexity and Contracting in Multi-Stakeholder Projects

Charli Carpenter

The challenges:

  • Balancing the desire to collaborate with / provide analytical support to a government agency on a matter of crucial national and human security importance, with the need to maintain institutional and analytical autonomy in our own academic-practitioner interactions.
  • Managing expectations by practitioners / policymakers about what type of analysis could be reasonably and ethically produced under time
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Requests for Revisions That Go Against One’s Findings

Elisabeth King

The Challenge:

Responding to requests for substantive revisions to consultancy work that go against one’s findings, analysis, or professional opinion

The Background and Policy Setting:

King is a political scientist committed to conducting policy-relevant research related to war, peace, development, and education. Over the past 15 years, alongside her university-based work, she has partnered with a number of governments, non-governmental

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Public Questions & Answers

Ethics of Engagement