Below you will find anonymous questions and answers posted to this site as well as reflections we have collected from the policy engaged scholars. Anyone can ask an anonymous question and our Ethical Engagement Panel responds, also anonymously. You can learn more about members of this panel on our About page). For the reflections, policy engaged scholars, many from our Ethical Engagement Panel, have responded to a similar set of questions about how they have managed an ethically challenging moment. We hope these serve as resources to assist academics in reflecting on and improving their own engagement practices. On this page, you can browse these resources by issue area or engagement type.

Issue Areas

Issue Area

Corporate / NGO Engagement

DDR / Recovering from War

Digital / Cyberspace

Economic Issues

Environment / Climate

Identity Politics

Military Issues


Types of Engagement

Type of Engagement

Arms Length Writing for Policy Audiences

Close Collaboration with Policymakers

Embedded Work in Policy Organizations on Specific Issues

Research Ethics

Scholarly Action with Policy Consequences

Writing for Policy Audiences with which the Scholar Is Connected

Sie Center Ethics of Engagement