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Thomas Schelling testifies before Congress in October, 1969

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Date submitted: February 28, 2022

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Political Economy Analysis with an International Organization

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Engaging with identity politics during times of heightened polarization

The challenges: How to show the value of diversity and intersectionality for policymaking in an era of heightened polarization. How to effectively contribute to the policy arena as a black feminist when your expertise is in question from the gate given who you are. How to push against situations where your identity brings diversity, but…

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Engaging on the Creation of Cybersecurity Norms

The challenge: How to advise on complex phenomena (creating cybersecurity norms) when the narrative surrounding them is oversimplified. In particular, it is difficult to explain to policymakers the intersubjectivity of norms and their sociological basis in a way that is immediately policy relevant. The “problem” in question often involves many dimensions not related to norms…

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